Why do children's solid wood furniture use pine?

  The children's furniture on the market is basically dominated by pine, and other furniture also uses pine as an auxiliary material, but even if they are all pine, the quality is also very different, and the price is more than doubled.

  Although the wood is not excellent, after considering the price, pine has a very high cost performance.

solid wood furniture

  First, look at the scars. A good piece of pine furniture should have no scars at all.

  No scarring means that the tree has a large diameter and few branches. Such products are mainly New Zealand radiata pine and Finnish Korean pine, which are also the two types of pine with the best quality and the most expensive price, indicating that the manufacturer's material selection standards are high. At the same time, the oil of pine wood will be enriched in the scars, and the more scarred pine wood, in general, the stronger the taste.

  Second, look at the color, the lighter the better.

  New Zealand pine is very light in color. Although Finnish pine belongs to Korean pine, it is actually a very clean light color, which is completely different from the cloudy yellow of other pine trees with heavier oils. This kind of light-colored pine generally has a smaller taste and a relatively finer texture.

  Third, look at the texture. The straighter the texture, the better.

  Unlike other furniture that pursues the mountain pattern, the straighter the pine texture, the better the quality. The straighter the grain, on the one hand, means that the stem shape is good, and the branches and scars are less complementary. At the same time, if the patterns are basically all parallel lines, then it is likely to use the diameter cutting board, which is a relatively rare wood cutting method. It is only used on wood with large diameter and good dry shape, and the loss is high, but the material of the sawn timber is uniform, and the probability of cracking and deformation is much lower than that of ordinary chord-cut boards.

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