Don't fall into the pit! Five points for parents to buy children's solid wood furniture

  All parents attach great importance to the growth of their children. When decorating and designing their homes, they will design the children's rooms separately for their children, hoping to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for their children.

  So, how to choose solid wood furniture for children? Let's take a look at the main points of purchasing solid wood furniture for children.

  01. Environmental protection

  Unqualified and unenvironmentally friendly furniture will release a lot of harmful substances. Children in such an environment for a long time have a great impact on normal growth and development.

  Most children's solid wood furniture products only indicate the content of formaldehyde, and there is no label for benzene and heavy metals, so it is necessary to judge from multiple indicators.

  Parents should carefully check the environmental protection certificate of the furniture to see if the furniture is a product that meets the national standards. If it cannot be provided, it is recommended not to use it.

  The wood used to make furniture should be made of natural materials, and the paint used should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is recommended to use water-based paint to be more environmentally friendly.

  Traditional furniture uses oil-based paint, because it uses chemical thinners, so it contains a lot of toxic substances, and also volatilizes toxic gases, which endanger the health of children.

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  02. Security

  It is the nature of children to love to play and play. Parents must ensure the safety of their children while allowing their children to relax and play at home.

  The edges and corners of children's furniture have therefore become the focus of many parents. If they accidentally hit the sharp corners of the furniture, it will often cause great damage to the child's body.

  Therefore, when buying furniture, do not choose furniture with hard materials and sharp edges and corners, and try to choose furniture with smooth edges and corners, so as to reduce the damage caused by bumps to children.

  In children's furniture products, drawers, keyboard supports and other push-pull parts should have anti-pull-off devices to prevent children from accidentally pulling off and causing injury.

  When parents buy children's furniture, they should exert a certain amount of force to try to push and pull the drawers, keyboard supports and other push-pull parts to see if there is this setting.

  03. The size should be appropriate

  Children grow up quickly, and the furniture purchased may not be suitable for the height of the child after two years, which can easily lead to waste.

  Especially the size of the table and chair, if it is not suitable, it will have a very adverse effect on the sitting posture of the child.

  Therefore, when buying furniture, the size of the furniture is also a point that parents need to pay attention to. When purchasing tables and chairs, you can choose a style that can adjust the height.

  The children's bed should not be too soft. Since the child is in the developmental stage, the bone marrow of the limbs and spine has not yet been fully developed, and the bed is too soft, which may easily cause the child's bone marrow deformity.

  04. The shape should be reasonable

  The shape mentioned here does not refer to the cartoon shape of the furniture, but to the ergonomic design of the overall shape of the furniture.

  The furniture used in the children's room should ensure that children can form good habits when using it.

  Whether it is sitting or lying, it must be correct. In the growth and development stage, incorrect posture will have a great adverse effect on the child's body.

  When buying furniture, you must try it yourself to understand the actual feeling of furniture after use.

  05. The color should be appropriate

  Color has a great influence on children's psychological development. Different colors will have different effects on children's personality. Generally speaking, logs are more common in the market, which is more environmentally friendly and does not harm health.

  Colorful and bright colors will make children feel happy and comfortable, while gloomy and dull colors will make children feel depressed physically and mentally.

  Tests have shown that the brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals such as lead it contains. Therefore, for the physical and mental development of children, parents should try their best to choose furniture with bright colors and light tones.

  The above are the five main points about purchasing children's solid wood furniture. I hope everyone can help when purchasing. Buying safe and environmentally friendly solid wood furniture can create a healthy growth environment for children.

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