How to buy a toddler chair?

  Parents with children all know the importance of toddler chairs for children at home, which can not only exercise children's independence, but also allow adults to do their own things physically and mentally.

  So which kind of toddler chair should we buy?

  It is recommended not to buy the following kind of toddler chair - plastic chair。

plastic chair

  The appearance is really high, like it came out of a fairy tale, but it is best not to use it in the bathroom (many parents like to use it to bathe children), water will enter the gap, and the legs of the stool will be full of water after a long time, which is not good pour out.

  What's more, there are no anti-slip measures under the plastic legs!

  A lively and active child, let alone a slippery place like the bathroom, it is easy to slip on the floor.

  Therefore, it is recommended to buy toddler chairs with anti-slip measures or non-slip materials. For example, the feet are equipped with silicone anti-skid pads, and the legs of the stool are also thick and stable, so you can rest assured in the bathroom.

toddler chair

  The backrest of the chair is also a key point, which can prevent the child from leaning back and ensure the safety to a greater extent.

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