Which wood is best for home furniture?

  When it comes to wooden furniture, we have to mention the problem of material pollution. Indoor pollution sources are mainly conventional pollution categories such as formaldehyde and benzene, mainly from wooden furniture, wooden floors, curtains and so on.

  For wooden furniture, the source of pollution is mainly due to the process. What type of topcoat is used will directly affect the amount of pollutants released. Therefore, it is best to choose wooden furniture with a more environmentally friendly water-based varnish finish or wood wax oil finish.

solid wood furniture

  Here I emphasize again that talking about toxicity aside from measurement is a hooligan. Wooden furniture can not completely avoid the production of formaldehyde or other substances in the process of wood growth or wood production. Log furniture does not mean that there is no formaldehyde, but the relative content is lower.

  When buying furniture, be sure to refer to the certificates and various reports of the materials used by the merchants. Of course, those with environmental protection labels are better. When receiving the goods, you should also smell it and ask, if it is pungent or smelly, it is best to replace it.

  Secondly, let's fully understand the types of solid wood furniture.

  1. Frame solid wood

  As the name suggests, only the frame is made of solid wood furniture, and most of the other parts are synthetic boards.

  2. Pure wood furniture

  ① Toothed board furniture: The whole board is made of wood pieces or small pieces of wood with glue, and then the toothed board is used to make furniture. The surface layer is painted, and the bones are solid wood, but the amount of glue is relatively large.

  ② Log furniture: According to different woods, the common ones are pine birch, mahogany, white oak, walnut, etc. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, because the price of different origins varies greatly, and there are also many shoddy ones.

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