How to choose solid wood furniture for children? Teach you a few buying tips

  Children's solid wood furniture has natural texture and color, maintaining the natural color of natural wood. So, how to choose solid wood furniture for children?

solid wood furniture for children

  one look. You can intuitively understand the quality of wood by looking at it.

  Children's solid wood furniture may have natural color difference, and its color and texture show a natural and different state. The children's furniture with solid wood veneer looks neat in appearance, lacking the natural texture of wood.

  Second question. When purchasing, carefully ask the material of the furniture of the merchant.

  Many parents will say that they generally buy furniture through online channels now. Children's furniture is a large product, and it will be very troublesome to return or exchange the product due to the material quality or size difference. You should also go to the physical store for proofing as early as possible, and after purchasing the specific product, you should buy it through online channels.

  Three listens. When purchasing, you can tap the surface of the wood a few times with your hands. The solid wood furniture will emit a relatively crisp sound, while the sound of the artificial board is relatively low.

  Four heard. You can smell the furniture on the spot.

  Most solid wood has the aroma of tree species, pine has turpentine taste, oak has the taste of oak barrels, and camphor has obvious camphor wood taste. However, fiberboard and MDF will have a relatively strong pungent odor, especially in closed drawers or wardrobes, the smell is stronger, and the two are easier to distinguish.

  Children's solid wood furniture has the characteristics of natural simplicity, environmental protection and health. When purchasing children's furniture, it is recommended that parents choose products from well-known brands to ensure the health, environmental protection and excellent quality of the furniture.


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