How to choose a children's dining chair for children?

  As the baby in the family grows up, feeding the baby has become a headache for parents. At this time, it is very important to give the baby a suitable dining chair. How to be a good dining chair? How to choose?

  Multifunctional dining chairs are often combined with the advantages of combined and foldable, considering various factors such as safety and stability, after careful design and optimization of functions. It is recommended that you consider multifunctional dining chairs.

  When we are choosing, we can pay attention to the following:

  1. Structural material:

  The plastic structure must choose odorless and non-toxic high-quality plastic, but the durability of the plastic is poor; the wooden structure has a simple appearance, stable and durable, but it is heavy and inflexible. When choosing, pay attention to whether there are small burrs; the metal structure is relatively The structure chosen by many manufacturers adopts the combination of metal tube and plastic parts, which is stable and durable.

  2. Seat fabric:

  There are mainly two kinds of fabrics and PU materials. PU material not only has the characteristics of soft and comfortable texture, no odor and no stuffiness, but more importantly, it is easy and convenient to clean, which is deeply loved by mothers.

  3. Height and angle adjustment:

  This function of the dining chair can be said to be very important and practical. As the baby grows up, if the height cannot be adjusted, it will soon be eliminated; the angle of the backrest can be adjusted so that the baby can get more accurate support during the feeding process. , eat more comfortably.

  4. Dinner plate:

  The design without the plate is easier to get close to the dining table, but it lacks a protection for the baby, which is more suitable for older children; the adjustable plate means that the plate can be adjusted back and forth to leave more seating space, It is more convenient for the baby to get in and out of the dining chair; relatively speaking, it is not recommended to buy a fixed plate. If the baby grows up or wears more clothes and can't sit in it, it will be more embarrassing and embarrassing.

  Children's dining chairs are very important to develop children's good eating habits. Because children are very active, their height is not enough and other factors, they often cannot sit on the table and eat with adults, so there is a special children's dining chair for children. For eating, it can restrain children to a certain extent and give children the opportunity to eat with adults.

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