What exactly is the Learning Tower/Little Helper Tower?

  Learning tower/ Kitchen helper tower is translated into "learning tower"/"kitchen helper tower" is a very important common configuration in Montessori kitchens-by providing children with a more stable and safe kitchen climbing chair to solve the child's height and It is a direct problem for adults' kitchens to prepare a kitchen environment that is more suitable for them to participate in.

  If squatting down and communicating cannot solve the problem, then please try to put the child at the same height as an adult.

  The common learning tower/Kitchen helper tower on the market mainly has the following styles. Among them, some are directly available for purchase, while others are DIY results of clever parents.
kitchen helper tower

  Why is Learning tower/ kitchen helper tower worth having?

  First, safety. Although benches, chairs, and footstools can help children reach high places, at this age, I hope he can focus on his work without worrying about whether he will lose his balance or fall. I also hope that when I turn around and go to the refrigerator or cupboard to fetch something, I don't have to worry about another accident.

  Second, comfortable. As a full-time mother, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. I hope I can feel comfortable and happy when I am in the kitchen again.

  Helper Tower is definitely a must-have for babies at home, and is needed by both adults and children. If you don't have a helper tower at home, come to Houchics, a ten-year quality factory, a good brand.

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