The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood stools and maintenance methods

  Stools are indispensable in home life. Although modern people choose sofas and stools to relax themselves more, stools can be very useful when eating.

  Although there are many stools made of plastic or plastic combined with metal on the market, people's love for solid wood stools has not diminished in the slightest.

Solid wood stool maintenance

  The advantages of solid wood stools

  1. Natural, environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood stools reveal the beauty of nature and primitiveness. The reason why the solid wood stool is prosperous, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color. The wood-colored furniture is both natural and chemical-free. This is really a healthy and fashionable choice, which meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites to advocating nature.

  2. Long service life. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-5 years. The service life of solid wood furniture is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.

  3, the solid wood stool has the function of holding value. At the same time, it can bring warm and moist "woodiness" to the home environment, so it is quite popular among middle and high-end consumers. Its advantage is to reflect nature: natural texture, changeable shape, beautiful wood patterns can generally be seen on the surface of furniture.

  4. The solid wood stool has its own unique style and personality. The raw materials of solid wood furniture come from nature and integrate the essence of nature. It truly shows the unique taste of solid wood furniture: high-end, heavy, and integrates the long-standing Chinese traditional culture with modern fashion factors. In the design, it gives new connotations to furniture, makes furniture design more humane, practical and modern, creates a new fashion of solid wood furniture, and leads the new trend of furniture.

  Disadvantages of solid wood stools

  The main disadvantage of solid wood stools is that they are easily deformed and difficult to maintain. For example, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, too cold or too hot, and too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture; if you do not pay attention to it during use, frequent switching on and off of the air conditioner will cause excessive temperature and humidity changes, even for qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes Deformation and cracking will also occur. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used and how elegant the workmanship is, it is difficult to avoid these problems.

  Maintenance of solid wood stools

  1. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the furniture surface. Wipe off the dust on the surface regularly with a pure cotton dry soft cloth. At regular intervals, use a wet cotton thread that has been wrung out to wipe out the dust on the corners and corners of the furniture. Then use clean dry solid wood furniture. Cotton wipes;

  2. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. If there are stains on the surface of the furniture, do not rub it hard. You can gently remove the stains with warm tea water. After the water evaporates, apply a little wax to the original part, and then lightly rub it several times to form a protective film;

  3. Avoid scratches on hard objects. When cleaning, do not allow cleaning tools to touch the furniture, and always pay attention not to let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture, and protect the surface from scratches;

  4. Keep away from heat sources. In winter, it is best to place the furniture in a place about 1 meter away from the heating stream to avoid long-term high baking, which will cause local dry cracks, warping and deformation of the wood and local deterioration of the paint film;

  5. When using pure solid wood furniture, the environment should be kept as stable as possible, especially the temperature and humidity should not change drastically, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the furniture;

  6. Avoid direct sunlight. It is best to avoid long-term exposure of outdoor sunlight to the whole or part of the furniture. It is best to place it in a place that can avoid the sunlight, or use a transparent tulle curtain to separate the direct sunlight, so that it will not affect the indoor lighting. , And protect the indoor furniture.

  In fact, as long as it is properly protected and used, we can completely avoid the shortcomings of solid wood stools in our lives, and the advantages of solid wood stools far outweigh their shortcomings. Although the price of solid wood stools in various markets is a bit high, according to the above introduction, solid wood stools are still worth this price. Moreover, the thickness of the solid wood stool can be matched with many furniture, which can enhance the style.

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