Kitchen Helper Tower, an artifact with a baby in the kitchen

  Kitchen Helper Tower is a product that both my baby and I have used, and I think it is worth promoting. It feels like we’re seeing each other late.

  What is the kitchen helper tower/learning tower? This name comes from the English kitchen helper tower/learning tower--by providing children with a more stable and safe kitchen climbing chair to solve the problem between the height of the child and the height of the adult’s kitchen. Children prepare a kitchen environment where children can participate.

  With such a kitchen helper tower at home, you will no longer have to be hugged by your baby's thighs as soon as you enter the kitchen, and you will no longer have to hug the baby in one hand and the palm of your hand. The child can climb this artifact by himself Go up, the surrounding guardrails make the children absolutely safe and high-quality leverage.

  With this helper tower, adults can be completely liberated, children can sit or stand for a long time in the helper Tali, and adults can devote themselves to cooking. But one thing to pay attention to is not to let your baby grab anything on the stage to eat.

  A kitchen helper tower recommended to everyone today is the brand Hhouchics from China. The main product line involves a variety of children's furniture, such as wooden step stools, wooden baby chairs, etc.

kitchen helper tower

  Why recommend this helper tower to everyone?

  First, wooden material, environmentally friendly, durable

  Second, safety. Although benches, chairs, and footstools can help a child reach high places, at a young age, I hope he can focus on his work without worrying about whether he will lose his balance or fall.

  Third, comfort. As a full-time mother, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. I hope my baby can feel comfortable and happy when he is in the kitchen.

  Fourth, the height can be adjusted

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