What are the benefits of involving children in the kitchen?

  Parents normally do not let their children into the kitchen. In fact, children's participation in some of the contents of the kitchen is a good growth education for parent-child interaction. But how to better interact and participate?

  1. You can pack up the pots and utensils, some simple iron pans, bowls, rags, etc. that are not dangerous, pack them up and put them in the storage cabinet.

  2. You can also put the seasoning bottle back in place, because there is a shelf for the seasoning, and the baby also knows the shape of the bottle.

  Usually reduce the time the baby spends in and out of the kitchen, and let the baby avoid the work of dangerous movements, cleaning and tidying, the adult should guide and watch it again and again.

  3. Throw the garbage into the trash can. When you don't have good habits in the early stage, you can play "shooting" with your baby. You have a sense of game, and then keep telling your baby how to throw the garbage.

  If your kids are too young to reach the kitchen countertop, then you need a kids learning tower.

kids learning tower

  It's well made, easy to assemble, and the kids love it! The Learning Tower makes it easier to keep an eye on the kid while we're cooking in the kitchen, and being able to teach him to get involved makes it even more rewarding.

  One side of this learning tower can also be used as a blackboard, the small blackboard allows your children to play freely, they can write A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3. That is a very happy thing.

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