Kitchen Helper Stool: Secrets of the Kitchen and Children's Growth

  In the eyes of most parents, [the kitchen] is full of threats to children, but for the kitchen, it is actually a place where children can get physical exercise, learn all kinds of knowledge, and promote brain development.

  Let children know more about food, and can also learn safety protection knowledge, and promote the healthy growth of children...

  In Europe and Japan, "kitchen education" has long been a compulsory course for every family, which is of great benefit to children's physical and psychological growth.

  From the age of 3, children's physical activity ability has become stronger, and they continue to try to complete new things independently. At the age of 3, it is also a critical period to establish children's "self-awareness". Letting children into the kitchen can make them feel trusted.

  It can also enrich emotions, which is the basis for learning interpersonal relationships, and parents and families do kitchen chores with their children, which is also a happy time to enjoy family affection. It can enhance the parent-child relationship and let the children feel the warmth of the family.

kitchen helper stool

  A kitchen helper stool can help you.

  This kitchen helper stool is made of wood, which is safe and environmentally friendly and durable. More critical is safety. Children standing on it can turn 360 without falling over.

  The four corners of the stool have non-slip pads, which will not move casually, and can be freely up and down, which is very convenient.

  Houchics' kitchen helper stool is very cheap, and it is a good product that many households can buy.

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