How to choose a children's chair

        How to choose a children's chair has always been a headache for mothers, now let me give you a popular science.

toddler chair

  1. The height of the purchase skills of children's chairs

  The size and height of children's chairs vary from person to person, because children of the same age group have different heights, and some height differences will reach 20 cm. Therefore, if you buy a children's chair, it is best to buy a height-adjustable one, which can be applied for children of different heights.

  2. The backrest of children's chair purchasing skills

  When we choose a chair, we all like to choose a backrest chair with a soft cover, but it is the opposite when choosing a children's chair. In the normal process of children, it is suitable to use furniture such as solid wood or plastic. The dynamic effect of the soft package is too large, which can make the upper end of the spine tend to lean back, which cannot achieve the purpose of correcting sitting posture or cultivating habits.

  3. Armrests for children's chair purchase skills

  Don't underestimate the armrests of the chairs, the armrests of a set of standard children's chairs are at a 90-degree angle. Establish correct habits for children from childhood, and also limit the physical development, so that the spine and waist are well developed. .

  4. Anti-skid shopping skills for children's chairs

  The effect of friction is infinite, but what would a children's chair look like if there was no friction? If the table and chair are not slip-resistant, it will move constantly or lack stability. Any posture can be satisfied after the child's development is not conducive.

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