How to choose children's furniture for children

  Many children's furniture may have some hidden potential hazards, such as unqualified holes and gaps, substandard edges, poor stability, excessive formaldehyde, etc. How to avoid these hazards and how to choose suitable children's furniture for children?

Children's furniture

  Look at the brand and logo

  Try to choose products of big brands. Don't buy three-no products. Qualified children's furniture will also have the following warning signs:

  1, there is a clear age mark for use;

  2, there is a clear installation reminder sign;

  3, there is a clear folding warning at the fold;

  4, if the furniture has a lifting function, there will be a clear lifting warning.

  look at the corners and edges

  Some businesses will cut corners in the production process, which will reduce the rounding and chamfering of children's stools or chairs. Then we must pay special attention to this when choosing children's furniture for children.

  The corners and edges of the tables and chairs are rounded and chamfered, so you can choose. If the furniture that has been purchased is not rounded and chamfered, then parents can choose to buy some anti-collision corner cushions online.

  Look at stability

  Whether the furniture is stable is an indispensable hurdle in terms of safety. The child is so active, if you accidentally knock down the cabinet, the consequences will be disastrous. If there is no fixing device for the existing furniture in your home, you can buy some furniture anti-dumping devices online to fix it.

  In addition to paying attention when buying products, you should also pay more attention to the use of children's furniture. Use in strict accordance with the instructions, check the parts regularly, and replace them in time if there is a problem; tell the children not to lick or suck the surface of the furniture with their mouths; every children's furniture has a useful life, so don't recycle it.

  Children’s safety is no small matter, especially the daily necessities that you have to come into contact with in daily life, it is even more sloppy. As parents, when choosing children's furniture, we must carefully identify, look more, smell more, and compare more.

  Hope that every child can stay away from danger and grow up healthy。


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