How to remove formaldehyde smell from wooden furniture?

  1. Window ventilation method:

  In summer, the temperature is high, and it is suitable to open more windows for ventilation. Ventilation can not only introduce fresh air, but also eliminate harmful gases in the room. However, there are also shortcomings in the removal of formaldehyde by ventilation. There are often many dead corners with poor ventilation in the room. Due to different window shapes and different indoor layout environments, the area of ​​these dead corners can reach 30%-65% of the total indoor area, that is, It is said that at least 30% of the pollution cannot be excluded from the outdoors through ventilation. However, ventilation is still an effective measure to remove formaldehyde.

  2. Physical adsorption method:

  The physical adsorption method utilizes the porous structure of activated carbon or Maya blue to adsorb or even decompose the pollutant molecules in the air, so as to achieve a more thorough formaldehyde removal effect than the ventilation method.

  Everyone has heard that activated carbon is a cost-effective adsorbent in water purification and air purification. Activated carbon can absorb a large number of pollutant molecules. The difference is that the decomposed components of activated carbon can decompose pollutant molecules into harmless gases on the basis of adsorption, so as to remove pollution more thoroughly, but it is necessary to prevent the generation of secondary pollution.

  3. Photocatalyst decomposition method:

  Photocatalyst is a kind of catalyst that can promote the reaction of other substances without changing itself. When encountering light, the photocatalyst can continuously release hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anions, which can decompose all volatile and harmful organic compounds in the space into trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water and other harmless substances. Different photocatalyst products have different uses, but they can all achieve the effect of removing formaldehyde. For example, "Galaxy Photocatalyst" is suitable for floors and wooden furniture, and "Leather Formaldehyde Removal Care Solution" is suitable for leather products such as sofas.

  4. Plant absorption method:

  Plants are known as air purifiers in people's impressions, but experts tell us that plants are not good at purifying formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC and other decoration pollution. The absorption of these chemical molecules by plants is very small, and its effect can be described as a relatively large room. A drop in the bucket. Although the contribution of plants in removing formaldehyde is minimal, it is still a good way to keep green plants indoors. It is better to keep some vibrant flowers and plants at home than nothing.

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