How to choose a child's step stool

   When the child’s little friend comes to play at home, there is no suitable stool to sit on? The things on the cabinet are too high and the baby wants to get it? There is a cute child at home that is happy. Although he always likes to walk, he also has quiet time. It is more convenient to prepare a suitable children's step stool for him, and let him sit down, and the little guy will not be too sticky to father and mother. In fact, there are many aspects that should be paid attention to when choosing a children's step stool. Next, I will share with you.

How to choose a child's step stool

  1, material

  For the baby's bench, the materials used are wood and plastic. If you choose wood, try to choose one that does not have too much smell (if there is no too pungent smell, it is normal, wood will generally give off some smell, which does not affect the use), so that it will not harm the healthy development of the child's body, and is relatively strong Durable point. If you choose a step stool made of plastic material, it is recommended to choose a step stool with good hardness, good bearing capacity, not afraid of falling, not suitable for deformation, and smooth hand feeling, so that it is comfortable to sit on it.

  2, hollow on both sides

   If the baby wants to get something, there are cutouts on both sides of the bench, so you can easily carry it and stand on it to get things, which is more convenient. In this way, you can exercise your baby's hands-on ability from an early age without taking up your time.

  3, panel

For the surface of the bench, children will often sit on it. The wooden bench should pay attention to whether the surface is smooth and normal, and whether there are gaps, so that it is not easy to pinch the baby's PP. Whether there are scratches on the plastic, and whether there is any protruding place, so as not to scratch the skin of children. It is better if there is a layer of bumpy anti-slip rubber on it, which will have a better anti-slip effect, so as not to slip off the step stool, and effectively protect their body safety.

  4, round head

   Children are more curious, they like to walk around, and they are more likely to touch the corners of the bench, so the four corners of it must be considered. In view of this situation, it is recommended to choose a round head, which can prevent the child from being seriously injured by touching the corner of the step stool and protect the baby's head and other parts.

  5, whether to disassemble

  Some parents will choose removable benches for their children, and they must understand whether the installation is simple and convenient. When installing by parents and friends, you must be careful, and the screws must be fastened, so that it is stable and firm, and safer for children.

   In short, I hope everyone can carefully remember the above purchasing skills and methods, so that you can purchase a comfortable step stool for children. In addition, I also hope that everyone will shop around, so that there will be more opportunities to buy a suitable children's step stool.

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