This children's step stool is too practical, right? Have you arranged it?

  Since we bought a baby step stool, my baby has become more independent. What kind of children's step stool is so amazing? Please continue to look down.

children's step stool

  Mom and dad used to hold her to help her, hold her to bed, and wash her hands, especially when washing her hands. Every time she held it was like holding a chick, and the baby was uncomfortable.

  Now that the baby is growing up slowly, he wants to climb onto the bed by himself, and he often steps his feet to get something, sometimes it is really dangerous.

  Babies also need to learn to do something independently. After thinking about it, I bought this children's step stool by Houchics.

houchics step stool

  There is no peculiar smell when you get it, and it is not heavy. It is simple and stable. It does not take up space when folded, and it can be easily stored in the corner of the bathroom.

  The entire children's footstool is made of solid wood, so it won't slip even if it gets wet. There is also a non-slip pad at the bottom, which has a strong grip, and there is no worry about the slippage of the stool. The design is really attentive.

  Now the baby is very dependent on this children's footstool. It doesn't take much effort to lift the small stool. Now he can wash his hands and brush his teeth, go to the toilet and go to bed without the help of parents.

  I really feel that the baby has grown a lot and become more independent.

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