How to choose children's learning chairs?

The learning chair is the most important auxiliary equipment that children use in learning. It can be adjusted according to the child's growth and development law to ensure that the child sits in a correct posture, and the healthy development of the child will accompany the child through the most critical growth in life. stage. In fact, a good study chair should fully consider children's psychological and physical development, and can meet their functional needs such as life, entertainment and learning, and reduce the physical burden of learning to sit for a long time. .
children's learning chairs
         So how do you choose a suitable learning chair for your child? The following is an answer from a professional point of view for everyone: The following is a combination of 4 chairs of 2 types, from safety, functionality, range of use, appearance, etc. Let me share with you how to choose a children’s learning chair in 4 aspects. The conclusion is at the end and you can check it directly.

   One, safety

   The child is very active and has poor self-control ability, so the safety of the chair comes first.

   First, the structure must be safe. , The overall design has sufficient strength and stability to avoid cracks and tipping during use by children. The rivets should not be exposed, and the material should not have burrs, so as not to stab the child.

   The second is detail security. The corners of the chair must be well-designed rounded corners to avoid sharp corners and avoid personal injury caused by rubbing or touching.

   The third is the safety of material safety materials. Must pass the national green certification, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting. At present, there are many kinds of materials for children's learning chairs on the market, and the more common ones are plastic, various solid wood and mixed materials.
However, for children, it is better to use natural wood, but it does not need to be too expensive. For example, mahogany and golden nanmu are unnecessary. Children's learning chairs are also made of stainless steel, but it is not very common. The stainless steel body feels too cold and is not suitable for children. It is not recommended to use them directly.
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