I finally bought the learning tower. I lamented that I bought it late.

  It was first discovered while video chatting with friends. Her baby stands on the learning tower and cooks with her in the kitchen. I couldn't believe it at the time and thought it would be fantastic for a child to have a learning tower. Many families will have one for the baby, so that the baby will not be too bored when one person takes the baby to cook.

learning tower

  Later, I asked a friend to recommend an easy-to-use and inexpensive learning tower, and it is pure solid wood with great weight, and it is not easy to roll over. My son loves to wash his hands, brush his teeth and face himself, and like to cook his own food in the kitchen.

  A big feeling is: buy it! It's too late! Personally, I think you can buy it when your baby just learns to stand alone.

  My learning tower can be adjusted in height (some learning towers are fixed and cannot be adjusted in height), so it should be no problem for the baby to use the primary school. In addition, I chose it for a long time. In fact, there are many higher-looking ones than this one, but they all have paint. The appearance of this model is average, but it is pure solid wood and no paint. After buying it, it has no taste at all, and it is polished very smoothly, so there is no need to worry about burrs without paint.

  It should be noted that when you use the learning tower, you need to take care of it, especially for a naughty baby like my son, I am very afraid that he will roll over.

  I saw some comments saying that the baby will fall when standing on it. What I want to say is: First of all, if you don't take good care of the baby, the baby will fall on the flat road! So this has something to do with the parent's care.

houchics's learning tower

  The learning tower never has instructions or guidelines to tell parents that this can be left to the baby to play alone or you can put the baby on it and you can do other things or play with the phone [doge]. Its original intention is to let the baby become a helper and complete a certain work together with the parents.

  The value of the learning tower lies in whether parents can use and attract the baby, so that it can play the best role and let the parents and the baby work together happily.

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