How do non-professionals choose children's solid wood furniture?

  I am a non-professional like you. I also helped my friends choose children's solid wood furniture. Actually, I don't know if I chose it well, just use it as a reference.

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  1. See what kind of wood children's furniture is.

  I found that many children’s furniture on the market are made of pine. In my opinion, I don’t like pine. One is that pine itself is not a hardwood, and its load-bearing ability is not good. Consider load-bearing safety, so I generally don't look at pine.

  I agree with maple, cherry, and beech wood. I think furniture made of these hardwoods is more suitable for children's furniture. The colors are good-looking. The finished products are online, load-bearing, reliable and safe. They are the wood for children's furniture. The material is preferred.

  2. See if it is environmentally friendly and safe

  Is it environmentally friendly or safe?

  First,look at the stability of the furniture. Not to talk about other fine things, at least the stability needs to be guaranteed, such as bookshelves and other relatively high furniture, children like to be hyperactive, like to touch, and sometimes they may hit places when running. Therefore, the furniture must at least ensure a certain degree of stability, and the load-bearing point of the lower part of the furniture must be stable enough to prevent it from falling down or tilting to one side.

  Second, look at the details of the workmanship. There should be no protruding corners or protrusions. All areas should be rounded as much as possible. Children sometimes bump into them when they are naughty. There are separate protrusions or extra protrusions that are particularly easy to injure the child. Gaps and bayonet points should be avoided as much as possible, and corresponding preventive measures should be taken if they are unavoidable. We all know that children like to drill everywhere and rub everywhere, and it is easy to be pinched or pressed, so observe some small ones that may affect the child. Detail parts.

  The third look at environmental protection. Children’s furniture is best not to use lacquer. After all, lacquer is still dangerous for children. Either use nothing or only use wood wax oil. If wood wax oil is used, the best brand is the best choice. Environmentally friendly wood wax oil, as far as I know, the best one is Ossem wood wax oil. The big brand of solid wood uses this wood wax oil. It’s hard to say other wood wax oils. I’m not a professional, so I can do it myself. Seek professional judgment. If there is glue, also ask what glue is used, preferably food-grade glue.

  3, look at the value

  Whether it looks good or not, this can only depend on the individual, and everyone's preferences are different.

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