Several common repair methods for wooden furniture?

  For the restoration of wooden furniture, common types of precious log furniture and solid wood furniture, as well as eco-board, particle board and other baking varnishes, blister board furniture, solid wood laminate flooring, stairs, security doors, etc. are all wood products furniture The scope of repair. So what are the commonly used methods for the restoration of wooden furniture?

Maintenance of wooden furniture

  The first type, toner repair method:

  Advantages: simple operation, use with snickers, fast repair speed, especially suitable for solving dark series and conventional problems, repairing American style furniture is particularly effective.

  Disadvantages: high-precision desktop repair and light-color series are not ideal.

  The second type, ointment repair method:

  Advantages: It is suitable for the restoration of various color series, such as dark series, light color series, color series and high-precision desktop restorations.

  Disadvantages: Used with ointment solvent and color essence, the operation is more cumbersome than toner, the repair speed is slow, and the efficiency of repairing conventional small damage is low.

  The third type, water-based repair method:

  Advantages: The new technology developed by Zunyi this year, using special water-based repair materials, has no peculiar smell when repairing, and is more environmentally friendly. It is mainly used for the repair of middle and high-end water-based paint furniture.

  Disadvantages: Special repair materials are required, which is relatively difficult to repair.

  The fourth type, self-painting repair method:

  Advantages: Self-painting gloss and color variety are complete, used for gloss treatment after repair, paint film thickness and fineness are good.

  Disadvantages: It is only used for the final gloss treatment, and the repair work cannot be completed alone.

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