A good helper for fetching things at home-how to choose a step stool?

  Have you ever had the following situation: Ah, why the light is broken, but the stool is not high enough to reach it. The things on the top of the cabinet can't be reached, so I stepped directly on the office chair.

  These are all phenomena that appear in everyone's lives. There are serious safety hazards in them, and it is easy to fall and fall. Is there a high enough stool that is safe, tall, and does not take up space?

Step stool

  We combine the current European mainstream market standard EN14183 to make an introduction to this type of product. The standard mainly regulates the main body classification and material classification of step stool products, the applicable environmental conditions of different types and sizes, and the overall strength and friction related to safety performance.

  Classification of materials

  Metal Material

  The main material of such products is generally aluminum alloy (as shown in the figure below), such as front legs, hind legs, steps and other load-bearing parts. There will also be iron parts on the step stool, such as hinges and screws. This type of product is often used in homes or ascends in shops. It is firmly supported, with rubber anti-skid pads under the feet, and is equipped with handrails at the highest point. From then on, you will bid farewell to the era of climbing and swaying.

  Plastic material

  Such products are usually based on thermoplastic materials (commonly PP materials), and glass fiber materials (usually calcium carbonate) are added to increase the overall strength. The materials are environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. Generally, the whole body is made of plastic (as shown in the figure below), which is light and small, and can be used to climb up with feet or sit down to rest. Are you still worrying about standing in line for a long time to buy tickets? The foldable plastic step stool shown below can free your legs.

  How to use it safely

  01 Do not move when someone is standing on the step stool.

  02 With overvoltage protection function, do not carry heavy objects or tools in your hands when climbing.

  03 When using, do not exceed the declared weight of the product itself. This weight is generally labeled on the outer packaging or the surface of the ladder.

  04 Please do not stand on the pedal at the same time.

  05 Check whether the step stool is worn or broken before use.

  06 Before use, make sure that all parts of the ladder have been operated according to the instructions. (For example, whether the hinge is fully opened, whether the legs are flat, whether there is debris under the foot of the step stool).

  07 Carefully fold it when it is used up, and be careful to pinch your fingers.

  How to buy appearance experience is very important

  Clean and smooth, no burrs and no cracks. If there is a burr on the surface, it will pierce your hand.

  Load-bearing parts are critical

  If the load-bearing part of the step stool is aluminum alloy, according to the rigid requirements of the standard EN 14183, the wall thickness of the part needs to be at least 1.2mm, and if it is iron, it needs to be at least 0.9mm. If it is plastic, it is recommended to choose the type that can withstand high temperature +60℃) and low temperature (-20℃). However, this detailed information will not be noted in the manual of the general product, so you must keep your eyes open and observe it carefully when you buy it!

  Each connection point is very important, because these positions are indirectly or directly connected to the pedals or the side bars on both sides. If damaged during use, it will directly endanger your personal safety. Therefore, we must observe some of these connection points when buying. For example, whether the screws at the joints of each component are properly anti-loosening, such as using rivets, locknuts and washers to reinforce the screws.

  The position of the ladder foot is also an extremely important part, but don’t ignore it~ His handling is directly related to your safety during use. Safe ladder feet must be treated with anti-skid treatment. You can check whether the ladder feet have a protective cover when you buy them. At present, most of them are made of rubber. For the texture, please refer to the figure below.

  The height of the distance between steps should be uniform, with a deviation of ±2mm. If the highest surface of the handrail is a step stool higher than 750mm and the surface area is small, handrails are required. If the caster step stool has wheels, choose the type with brake function.

  After daily use, we also need to store it carefully to avoid shortening the service life after the sun and rain, or the safety hazards caused by this.

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