Are there any desks and chairs that are of good quality and suitable for children?

  children’s study desk and chair are the most important learning equipment for children. They will accompany them through the most important and critical stages of growth and learning in life, and are directly related to children’s academic performance, physical and mental health, development and growth. Many parents have realized the importance of their children's learning and growth stages, so they pay much attention to choosing children's study desks and chairs.

  So what are the functional characteristics of the children's study desk chair?

  One, the material is healthy and durable

  The materials selected for the tables and chairs must be safe and environmentally friendly, and the formaldehyde emission must meet national or even international standards. The child is in the period of growth and development, and the safety standards of materials must be strictly checked to prevent the child from being harmed.

  The panel is wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and the material is strong and durable.

  Two. Reasonable and safe design

  1. Children’s desks and chairs must conform to the principles of ergonomic design, scientifically correct the sitting posture, prevent eye damage, prevent myopia, and prevent bending over;

  2. Hidden classification storage drawers and reading bookshelf design, intimate rounded corners, to prevent children from bumping and injury;

  3, anti-pinch design, to avoid children's operation pinch injury;

  Three, the height of the table and chair is adjustable

  The child is in the growth and development period, and the height of the table and chair is too high or too low, which will affect the child's physical development, causing the child to bend over and hunch back and myopia. Therefore, the children's desk and chair must be able to adjust the height of the desk and chair as the child's height grows.

  Four. Appearance design and color

  The appearance design of the children's desk chair avoids children's active nature, curiosity and exploration of things, and unconstrained imagination. It is simple and generous and allows children to concentrate on learning. The colors should not be too bright and the patterns should not be too eye-catching to avoid distractions for children.

  In short, a good set of children's study desks and chairs is a small world of free and independent small environment for healthy growth and happy learning, allowing children to concentrate, improve learning efficiency, and fall in love with learning!

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