What kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture?

  In the case of rational analysis, wood is not well ranked. Every kind of wood has its own characteristics, and its characteristics are comprehensive dimensions. From the big dimension, there are four:

  1. Material characteristics (color, texture, texture and gloss, etc.)

  2. Physical and mechanical properties (density, specific gravity, weight, rupture modulus, elastic modulus, hardness, etc.)

  3. Processing performance (saw, planer, drill, punch, turn, engrave, shape, nail, glue, surface treatment, etc.)

  4. Durability (refers to corrosion resistance, including insects)

Wood planing of solid wood furniture

  Some of these indicators can be quantified. Like hardness, you can search the ranking table of wood hardness. Hard maple is harder than white wax. The price can also be quantified, the price per cubic meter of black walnut is higher than that of white oak. However, characteristics such as color, pattern, and texture cannot be quantified. It is difficult for us to combine all the characteristics of wood to make a ranking.

  What kind of wood is the best furniture? I can’t answer this question directly.

  Like human beings, each type of wood has its own characteristics. We can go to understand these characteristics, the purpose is to find out what we like, and suitable for our decoration concept of wood. In the end, the purchased furniture is beautiful and durable, and the interior space after matching the furniture is harmonious and comfortable. This is good wood.

solid wood

  For friends who need to buy, I have three suggestions.

  One, you can spend more time to understand the characteristics of wood. Looking at the pictures and information, understanding the data is part of it. At the same time, it is important to go to the physical store to experience the color, texture and texture of the wood; or buy some samples on the Internet to get a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the wood.

  Second, you should also look at the styles and collocations of the furniture made by each type of wood, and look at the indoor cases of these furniture collocations. Through these understandings, you can find the wood you like and suitable for your home decoration style.

  Three. In addition, I have another important point. For solid wood furniture, wood is only one of the links, you can not ignore the other aspects:

  1. Appearance and function (modeling style and function design)

  2. Production process (material selection//assembly/surface treatment, etc.)

  3. Quality (grade sense/quality/visual effects and feel, etc.)

  4. Service and after-sales service (communication service/quality assurance/solution to problems, etc.)

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