What are the characteristics of wood used in solid wood furniture?

  Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood. According to the wood, there are beech, teak, maple, oak, red chrysanthemum, ash, elm, poplar, pine, etc. Among them, teak and red chrysanthemum are the most valuable.

  Below, Houchics will give you an answer about the characteristics of all kinds of solid wood.

solid wood

  1, pine

  There are two main materials for pine furniture, Masson pine and Pinus sylvestris; the texture is clearer, and the wood is better.

  2, Fraxinus mandshurica

  The largest proportion of decorative panels is the Fraxinus mandshurica panel, which belongs to the genus Oleaceae.

  The texture is beautiful and clear. As a decorative panel or furniture, varnishing or whitening can reflect its beautiful pattern to the greatest extent, which is suitable for modern and simple style. However, it is easy to deform when making solid wood furniture, so if Fraxinus mandshurica is made of solid wood, small pieces of wood are usually used for splicing.

  3, teak

  The cost of teak furniture is relatively expensive, and general collectors or people with more financial strength will choose to use it.

  The surface of teak is rich in grease and feels smooth. Because of the price, there are few all-solid-wood teak furniture on the market; low-grade teak has a dull color and lacks oiliness, and is mostly used as a floor material. This is why the color of teak floors is generally dark.

  Teak is the most stable of all solid woods, and it will not warp or crack under the condition of large changes in the sun and rain; it has strong water and fire resistance; it is also resistant to termites and sea worms in different seas. Corrosion resistant.

  It has good drying performance, good comprehensive performance such as gluing, painting, waxing, nail holding power, etc., and it is expensive as well~

  4. Black

        Walnut Black walnut has a chocolate color, darker gloss, and has a somewhat "matte" feeling. The overall look is soft, the texture is smooth, there are few large annual ring lines, and the integrity is relatively strong.

  Although the color is darker, it is more textured with light colors such as marble and white walls, and the unique temperament of wood furniture is easier to radiate.

  5, cherry wood

  This kind of wood is warmer in color, with some red in the brown. It is generally produced in North America. The price of imported wood is higher. The wood itself dries quickly, so the structure of the furniture is stable and firm.

  6, white oak

  Oak is generally divided into white oak and red oak. Most oak furniture uses white oak, which has a high density. Although it is hard and heavy, it has strong bending performance. It can make many shapes and looks good in texture.

  However, rubber wood is often used as white rubber on the market. Although it is only one word difference, the quality is not a little bit poor. The texture of rubber wood is not clear. It contains high sugar content and is prone to insects. It is not resistant to corrosion and wear. , Is relatively cheap wood.

  7, maple

  The color and texture are simple, and the color is more uniform. The furniture is suitable for elegant and atmospheric style, long service life, wear-resistant and durable; the only disadvantage is that the maple wood is prone to warping in the dry environment in the north.

  How long can be used?

  Generally speaking, the service life of solid wood furniture can reach more than 10 years or even longer. The service life of panel furniture is generally 3-10 years, but it will also vary according to external factors such as different use and climate.

  Solid wood furniture price reference

  Whether it is solid wood or board, the price of different wood materials is not the same, which will affect the price range of customized and finished products.

  For example, the price of custom-made furniture is generally calculated based on each square meter. According to different wood materials and materials, the price of solid wood and board is from a few hundred to several thousand yuan per square meter.

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