With just an extra step stool, the child becomes super cooperative!

  A good friend of mine came to me two days ago and said that it was "sorrowful" to wash his hands for his son. It turned out that her son is now one and a half years old and he is very skinny. Every time he washes his hands and picks him up in front of the sink, the child will be twisted and restless.

  The trivial matter of washing hands bothered her, "It's really hard to raise a baby!"

  I told him that in fact, these things can be done by him, but the premise is that you have to prepare something for him-a step stool

  A few days later, my friend called and was very happy. I really just bought a wooden step stool and the baby fell in love with hand washing. "Now every time I ask the baby to wash his hands, the little guy just climbs on the step stool and turns on the tap."

wooden step stool

  My friend’s story gave me some inspiration: children don’t like to wash their hands, don’t like to use the toilet, and even when they are cooking in the kitchen, they always mess around by the side, wanting this or that. In fact, as long as we look at our family environment, most of the furnishings are unfriendly to children. So they will not feel comfortable.

  Maybe we may not be able to fight at home and give our children a children’s room (it would be better if we have one!), but in fact, we only need to look at it from the children’s perspective and make some small changes, such as giving them a room that started with them. With your own step stool, you will find that children will change a lot, be easier to be happy, and be more confident. Let us be a bystander of miracles!

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