The main points that you have to look at when choosing children's furniture

  Let children grow up healthy and happily is the greatest wish of parents, and one of the keys to creating such a good environment comes from a comfortable and safe children's room. In home decoration, children's rooms are often distinguished, and the choice of children's furniture is even more important. Unsuitable furniture can even seriously affect the growth and development of children.

children's furniture

  Children's room full of imagination

  Ensure safety and create a comfortable environment

  Undoubtedly, before being beautiful and generous, the first thing to consider is the safety of children during their growth. Because children are still in the growth stage and are naturally active, they will inevitably bump into each other when they play. Then, the physical safety performance of furniture is particularly important. Nowadays, there are a wide range of materials used to make children's furniture on the market: wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc., can all become "guests in the curtain".

  But in any case, these furniture must be smooth and smooth in the treatment of edges and corners; furniture with edges and corners, sharp surfaces, and rough surfaces should be avoided. In order to cater to children's psychology, some businesses on the market will design some furniture as cute cartoon images. When choosing this kind of furniture, parents must focus on the impact resistance of this kind of furniture, such as whether the guard rails of the high and low beds are firm, and the drawers have anti-falling devices, etc., to prevent accidents when children are playing.

wooden toddler chair

  often used in high and low beds in children's rooms

  Furthermore, since safety issues are mentioned, the chemical safety of furniture is naturally inevitable. When choosing furniture, you must look at the materials, paints, and glues used in the furniture manufacturing process whether there are heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.), formaldehyde, stupid and other harmful volatile substances. Because children's resistance is lower than that of adults, long-term pollution of harmful substances will inevitably affect children's health.

  is full of childishness, free combination saves space

  In the final analysis, the children's room is more like a secret garden for children, and all children's imagination starts from here. For younger children, the furniture in the children's room may be more interesting. It's like a combined large toy. When you open your eyes every day, it is a pleasant living space. A car-shaped bed, a table with colorful building blocks, a zebra chair, a ladybug stool, a penguin wardrobe... These can all become the first choice for children's rooms. For school-age children, they prefer a room where they can fully display their hobbies for learning and receive classmates. Then, parents can enhance the variability of the children's room. For example, the adjustable student drawing table, the shelf depicting the world map... Give children more free space.

  Childlike furniture

  However, the current apartment types on the market are continuously increasing the bedroom area, while reducing the area of ​​the living room, balcony, study and other functional areas, and the area of ​​the children's room is also limited. This requires parents to pay more attention to its functionality when choosing furniture. Multifunctional furniture is a good choice. Such as the combination of high and low beds, the bottom bunk is composed of drawers, which can be opened to become a small bed; or the L-shaped desk and bookcase are more space-saving.

  However, in any case, all the furniture in the children's room must be stable, because for an active child, a low table and chair is a good jumping platform for jumping up and down, such as being stepped on because the furniture is not stable enough If it turns over, children are easily injured by accidents, and if the overhead racks for storing things are knocked down, they will also hit young children.

  Focus on comfort, details are more important

  According to the principle of ergonomics, only furniture whose height matches the person's height can improve comfort when used, which is more important for children who are growing their bodies. Taking into account the rapid growth of children, we should also consider the special age needs of children when choosing furniture. For example, tables and chairs should preferably have the function of freely lifting and adjusting height according to changes in height.

  Multifunctional furniture has large storage space

  There are also many exquisite children's beds. If the child's bed cannot be too soft, it is easy to cause malformations of the child's skeletal development. Here, it is also suggested that parents should choose a hard bed with a thick quilt, and it is best not to use a thick sponge pad. This will easily cause the child to sweat and not volatilize, which will cause rash, and even cause rheumatoid arthritis.

  In addition, the gap between each column of the children's bed rail should be controlled at about 7 cm. If the gap between the bed rails is too large, it is easy to jam the head; if the gap between the bed rails is too small, it is easy to jam hands and feet and cause unnecessary injuries. The gap is 7 cm. It has passed international safety tests and meets international safety standards.

  Also, if there are any holes in the furniture, you must ensure that the child can pull it out with his fingers.

  Furthermore, the size of the wardrobe should also be selected according to the height of the child, so that they can easily take out their clothes without using aids.

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