What are the functions of a wooden step stool?

  The design of the sink, faucet, toilet and other things in the home is designed and built according to the height of an adult, and it is not easy for children to reach it. Therefore, step stools (preferably wooden step stool) are used at this time, so that the baby can sit on the toilet and take things independently.

  This kind of step stool is specially designed for children. It has a variety of colors. It can not only be used as a baby non-slip stool, but also very suitable for babies to sit on.

The function of the wooden step stool

  There are two common children's footstools on the market, wooden stepstools and plastic footstools. Wooden step stools are very firm and solid, natural and environmentally friendly, and have a long service life. Therefore, wooden step stools are an ideal choice for our homes.

  Plastic footstools are often beautiful in shape and colorful. The texture is very light, so there is no need to worry about the baby being unable to hold it. However, the durability of the plastic footstool is slightly lower than that of the wooden one, and the service life is shorter.

  There are many styles of wooden step stools. In addition to the one on the first floor, there are also two-story inclined ladders, which are suitable for use in the bedroom, balcony or beside the refrigerator.

Paint on the wooden step stool

  This Christmas, my baby is over three years old. We bought a one-meter-eight God Christmas tree. The baby used this wooden step stool to decorate our Christmas tree step by step. She did very well.

  In our home, this wooden step stool has played a very important role. The baby can use it to take what he wants on the table, or use it to place what he likes, and even on the foot of the step stool. She loves this wooden step stool too much for painting.

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