How to choose the right child chair for your baby

  How to choose the right children's chair for the baby? After the child is three years old, he will be interested in his own exclusive items: the big bowl belongs to mom and dad, and the small bowl belongs to their own. The establishment of children's self-awareness starts from here. Today, I will tell you how to choose the right children's chair for your children.

wooden toddler chair

  In the childhood memory of every adult, there is a closest exclusive partner-a chair. It is a small bench, eating, studying, playing (even being beaten)... The chair carries most of the scenes of life, and builds a small world dedicated to children. A good chair can even accompany a child through a long journey of growth.

  It is very important to choose a children's chair exclusively for children. But we must first understand how to choose a chair that suits children.

  Choose tips for children's chairs!

Try to choose children's chairs with rounded and smooth lines

  Safety comes first. Try to choose children's chairs with rounded and smooth lines, and reject sharp corners. Prevent lively children from being hurt accidentally.

  Don't buy the slippery chair. The lack of stability of plastic and spray-painted chairs will affect the daily use of children. You can choose the surface of solid wood and cloth as much as possible.

  is based on the height of the child. The inappropriate height of the chair will not only cause the child to hunch back, but also further affect the child's development. Children's chairs should also be replaced in real time to adapt to the growth of the child.

  Do not buy soft-backed children's chairs. The comfort of the soft-backed chair comes at the cost of damage to the child’s waist. Make the back of the chair fit the curve of the child's back so that they can lift their heads up.

  The armrest of the chair should be fixed. The angle of the arm support on the armrest should be slightly greater than 90 to make the sitting posture more perfect.

houchics wooden toddler chair

  After meeting the above requirements, moms and dads can confidently look at their beauty and buy a child chair that their baby likes!

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