Wooden Step Stool For Kids (Nature)

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Wooden Step Stool For Kids (Nature)

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The step stool can solve many life problems:.

  • The stool can help your child reach the bathroom sink to wash independently;
  • It can help your child urinate independently;
  • It can also help you get things on the high cabinets.
【FOOT PADS】-Each wooden stool has separate foot pads that will not hurt your floor and prevent slipping.

【SATETY】-Arc treatments are made around the small stool to prevent your children from bumping into it.This small stool features an oval slat at the top for easy carrying. Step stools for kids shouldn't be bulky or cumbersome. Easily carry this bed stool from room to room.

【MULTIPURPOSE】-Use these as ottomans in the living room, a desk stool, or as a bathroom stool for kids. Like a step ladder, this stool will boost you up 9 inches to reach shelves or storage.

【EASY ASSEMBLY】-Detailed instructions are included in each package, and you can complete the assembly in a short time.

Additional Information


Length 15"
Width 10.1"
Height 8.8"
Suitable For suitable size provides convenience for your family.
Colors Nature,Black,Gray,White,Original 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jennifer M.
Perfect bathroom stool!

So, I purchased this originally because I wanted to get a "Squatty Potty"... but I didn't want some ugly white plastic stool or something double the price with that branding plastered on it. I wanted it a bit more discreet. This is the perfect addition to the bathroom! When not in use, I have a basket of towels or a plant perched on it so it looks like it has a purpose. My nephew also uses it to reach the sink when he comes over. So all in all, I love this little stool and I recommend it!

Jonathan L.
Wooden, sturdy and smooth to the touch

Bough it for my gf so she could reach a high shelf. I highly preferred a wooden stool over a plastic one for environmental reasons.This one was a bit hard to assemble as it required quite a bit of force to screw together, but it was worth it as it came out very sturdy, which is important given it's a stool.The whole in the middle is smart because you can pick it up easily from center of mass. It's heavy enough not to move much and the padded stickers that come with it make it safe to use on wooden floors as it doesn't scratch or make any sound when pushed around. I'm happy with it

Great buy!

This is a solid nice wood stool, it is very sturdy. It was super easy to assemble. All around a great buy and I love the clean and simple look also. I would recommend this to anyone!!

Jielin Y.
Sturdy little stool

1. Sturdy. I am a 135lb adult and feel safe standing on it. This is important to me as I bought it as prop for a dance piece that requires standing on the stool.
2. Slightly low for adults to sit on, though perfect for eating at our coffee table.
3. Assembly steps are simple, but include some forceful screwing. The extra screws and toolbox are nice.

kristin g.
What a cute little stool!

The finish is very nice. Once I got it together it seemed very sturdy. It was a little tricky to get started. You may need a man or a wrench to fully tighten the bolts. I've had carpal tunnel surgery so it was probably a little more difficult for me.