Why is there some noise in wooden furniture?

  In fact, it is easy to understand that the wood itself will adapt to the surrounding temperature, humidity and other environmental changes. That is, thermal expansion and contraction, rapid water loss leading to cracking, humidity leading to expansion, and so on. Coupled with the weight of the wooden furniture itself, it is prone to slight deformation or even cracking.

  However, in the general production process, different processing methods are applied to the boards according to the different regions to which the wooden furniture is sent, so that the wood can accept the local temperature, humidity and other environments more quickly and increase the service life of the wooden furniture. In addition, the wood itself will secrete pulp, and over time it will form a slight patina.

wooden furniture

  If there are slight small cracks, don’t worry too much, just cover the crack with a wrung out warm towel for 10 to 30 minutes to speed up the secretion of pulp. The deformation depends on the degree of deformation and the craftsmanship of the wooden furniture. Ordinary modern craftsmanship can easily cause the phenomenon of screw slippage, steam nailing off, and glue opening.

  The sound of hardwood furniture swelling with the change of seasons and humidity is a normal natural phenomenon. The most obvious manifestation is the newly made furniture that has just left the factory. Moreover, hardwood furniture, whether new or old, is re-disassembled for assembly, and there is also a process of re-adaptation to the environment, which will also produce noise.

  Therefore, as long as the wooden furniture does not crack or deform, the crackling sound is not a problem. In particular, it is normal for newly bought furniture to have a popping sound, which does not affect the use, and will gradually disappear after a period of time. Veneer furniture, wood-based furniture, cork furniture, steel-plastic furniture, and marble furniture will not make any noise.

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