What is a learning tower

  Learning Tower is relatively unfamiliar to domestic parents. It can also be translated as Toddler Tower, Kitchen Tower, etc. It is a small household ladder for children about 1-4 years old who can stand on their own but are still relatively short in height.

learning tower

  It is one of the necessary furniture when our children grow up.

  Our family environment is shared by adults and children. Dining tables, kitchens, and sinks are generally designed according to the height of adults. Children either cannot use it or need to be carried by adults. This is not conducive to children's independence. .

  In a professional toddler environment, in order for children to obtain and use the necessary items by themselves, the height of the seats, teaching aids, and toilets are all low, so children need a learning tower of their own at home.

  What is the role of the learning tower?

  It allows children to climb up on their own without parental assistance. Standing on it, they can wash their hands and face by themselves, and prepare food with adults. Compared with ordinary small stools, the height of the learning tower is higher, and it can be used well by children over 1 year old. And there are protective wooden boards around it, so you don’t have to worry about children falling off.

  If there are any shortcomings in the learning tower, it might be a bit expensive.

  We can see in the search results on the Amazon platform that the price of a learning tower is above 150. This price is quite expensive for ordinary families. So today I recommend a learning tower to everyone.

houchics learning tower


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