What color is best for step stool for kids?

  For students, their sense of color will develop prior to the development of other aesthetic senses, and no other quality of the object will arouse their strong emotions like bright colors.

  Therefore, when we choose the color of the step stool for kids, we have been adhering to a principle: do not constrain children with the eyes of adults, do not perfunctory children with crude aesthetics, but try to find suitable colors for children.

  A little "color" on the stool can increase the "jumping feeling" of the whole house, make rational thinking learning more creative embellishments, and effectively release pressure.

step stool for kids

  We will give priority to this kind of low-saturation mild color, you can call it "Macaron" or "Morandi", which can make people feel sweet, clean and dreamy, which is very suitable for school-age children. Color preference. Whether it is light blue, azure blue, or orange, it can be just right to mix with various styles of furniture.

  Secondly, avoid excessive cartoonization and low-level childishness. I know that many mothers respect their children's preferences and choose step stool for kids patterns, give priority to their favorite cartoon characters, and insist that if there is a Mickey head on the stool, the children will also fall in love with learning with a high probability.

  Big mistake! Children's preferences can be said to change rapidly, and the "cartoon patterns" with distinct personalities may be their pursuit at a certain period of time, but as they age, they will despise the "old self".

  The step stool for kids is a long-term use item. As a past person, I strongly remind everyone not to choose too cartoony patterns or colors because of children's temporary preferences, unless you don't mind changing and iterating in a short time.

  Finally, avoid over-adulting. At present, there are also step stool for kids in "black, white and gray" colors on the market. It is not ruled out that some children are "in a hurry" and like this kind of minimalist style. We also learned in the color research that there are indeed a small number of junior high school students who super admire the business sense of IT men.

  However, the walls of most families are already mainly plain, and there is a little "color" on the stools, which can increase the "jumping" of the whole house, make rational thinking learning more creative embellishments, and effectively release pressure.

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