How to convince my wife not to buy solid wood furniture?

  I think solid wood is better than board, except for those with special money, they generally do not use solid wood for a long time. Solid wood does have many advantages, but compared with board, the disadvantages are also very obvious.

  There are many kinds of solid wood. We put aside the particularly precious wood, because I have never used it, and if it is used for furniture, ordinary families cannot afford it.

solid wood furniture

  1. Solid wood maintenance is really troublesome. Humidity cannot be large or small, it must be in an interval. After drying, you will find all kinds of cracks in the solid wood.

  2. Solid wood is really soft. Expensive is on the one hand, the biggest problem is that it is too soft to touch a hole. A single key, free fall from a height of 1m, 100% of a pit visible to the naked eye. It's not necessarily the solid wood that is hurting, but the varnish definitely has a hole in it.

  3. The life of solid wood is really long... On the premise of proper maintenance, it will be no problem to use it for several decades. However, the maintenance table is troublesome! Mahogany furniture is basically no problem except for pits and cracks. The cracking was caused by the low humidity in the home a few years ago, but now that the humidity has risen, it is no problem.

  4. Environmental protection. Solid wood furniture also uses glue, which is not so healthy. Plate furniture, qualified plates, absolutely flatten the health of solid wood furniture.

  Buy furniture, combine solid wood and planks, depending on your needs. If you use it carefully, in fact, solid wood furniture is recommended. However, maintenance...that sucks. My so-called maintenance: keep the air humidity, avoid direct sunlight, be afraid of bumps, be afraid of water, and consider insect control in some areas.

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