Child's other foot-children's footstool

Kids 2-Step Wood Step Stool

The 4-year-old Xixi can basically perform daily life operations such as switching lights, washing hands, and brushing teeth alone. In fact, given her height, it is not easy for her to switch lights, wash hands, and brush teeth alone. All of this is because She has another foot-a child's footstool.

   We placed a solid wood children's footstool next to the two sinks and the light switch in the house, the kind of small stool with a lighter weight, so that she can move the stool by herself to do what she wants.

At the beginning, she always called me to turn on the light for her, because she was afraid of the dark, sometimes she would cry and call me to turn on the light. I would never meet her request and asked her to carry the child's footstool to turn it on. light. After moving the stool several times, she can basically solve the operation of turning on and off the lights by herself. The next surprise will be the operation of putting the toothbrush. The sink is still a certain distance away from the storage place of the toothbrush. Standing on the children's footstool, you can smoothly complete the actions of brushing and storing the cups. What a great autonomous problem solving.

According to Eriksson’s eight-stage theory of personality development, the conflict between children’s personality development during the age of 2-7 is autonomy versus shame. The most important development task for children at this stage is to autonomously carry out various life activities, such as eating by themselves, Dressing, switching lights, brushing teeth, etc.

As parents, we should provide children with opportunities for autonomous activities instead of helping them complete their work and depriving them of the right to try independently. At this stage, if children’s autonomy is well developed, they will gain Full of self-confidence and the awareness and ability to solve problems on their own, otherwise, they will rely on others for everything, and their autonomy is extremely poor, which greatly affects the healthy development of their personality and even forms an inferiority complex. Children's footstools are very good for us to solve these problems. problem.
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