Care and maintenance of wooden furniture

  For solid wood furniture enthusiasts, there is a problem that has to be faced, that is, the problem of wood cracking. What is even more regrettable is that there is no wood that does not crack in this world, and guaranteeing that it will not crack can only be a self-deception lie.

  It can only be said that the possibility of this kind of thing can be reduced by maintaining the furniture and controlling the temperature and humidity in the room.

wooden furniture

  What is the cause of cracks in wooden furniture?

  There are many reasons why wooden furniture can crack, which should be analyzed according to the specific situation, and cannot be generalized. For example, the wood properties of mahogany, huanghuali and red sandalwood are relatively stable, and the probability of cracking is relatively small, while the wood properties of red rosewood and other hardwoods are slightly worse, so special attention is needed.

  Another reason for wood cracking can be attributed to improper craftsmanship.

  Under normal circumstances, wooden furniture must go through a drying process during the production process, so that the swelling and shrinking of the wood will be released before production. Generally, the cracking will not be very obvious, even if there is a cracking phenomenon, it will be very small. , Usually does not affect the use.

  How to repair it after cracking?

  If the cracking is not serious, you can use sandpaper to sand around the crack, collect the polished powder and fill it in the crack, and then seal it with glue. If the crack is serious, you need to contact a professional furniture repairer for repair.

  Based on the above analysis and discussion, summarize a set of "five preventions" and "three nos" for the maintenance of wooden furniture:

  One. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid cracking or crispy wood;

  Two, prevent excessive drying, avoid wood cracking and deformation;

  Third, prevent moisture, so as to prevent the wood from swelling and decay for a long time when wet;

  Fourth, fire prevention, furniture is made of wood, flammable, pay attention to fire prevention to avoid burning;

  Five. Prevent insect bites.

  1. Do not pile heavy objects on the top of the cabinet, table top, or chair seat to avoid deformation of the furniture;

  2. Do not wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water, let alone wipe with alkaline water, alcohol, or organic solvents, so as not to damage the wood fiber;

  3. When moving, lift and release gently, don't drag and pull, to avoid damage.

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