How to choose an adult step stool for home use?

  For small-sized families, when choosing a step stool for our adults, the first consideration is the storage function, followed by the material, size, style and price.

Step Stool For Adult

  1. Step stool with storage function

  For small-sized families, the first consideration is not to take up too much space, so consider storage and size issues when choosing a step stool.

  Adult step stools with folding function have always been very popular among many types of stools. Not only can they be carried when going out, but they are also very good for use at home. They are very suitable for indoors with small spaces.

  2. The material of the step stool

  stools are divided into different materials:

  (1), plastic material

  The advantage of the plastic step stool is that it is light, but the disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly, and it is not heat resistant and difficult to clean.

  (2), solid wood stool

  The step stool made of solid wood is suitable for the living room, and can match the style of the overall living room. The solid wood step stool is stronger, and its load-bearing capacity is better than that of the plastic stool. At the same time, solid wood stools also have shortcomings and cannot prevent moisture.

  (3), metal stool

  Metal stools include stainless steel stools, iron stools, etc. Metal stools are more durable and have good load-bearing performance. At the same time, they are not easy to carry and have a relatively hard texture.

  (4), cloth stool

  The advantage of cloth stool is that it is soft when sitting on it, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. It is necessary to check the cloth cover indicated on the stool and clean it.

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