Wooden furniture is difficult to clean? Undoubtedly I did not use these 4 methods

  Wooden furniture can become precious family heirlooms. No matter what the wooden furniture is, every home or person expects that their favorite piece of furniture will always remain intact. However, the community state housekeeping service company believes that it is difficult to maintain the cleaning and maintenance of wooden furniture, because the wood is very easy to accumulate dust, vegetable oil and stains.

Solid wood furniture cleaning
  Wood is very easy to collect stains and vegetable oils from the natural environment. Because of wear or loss of polishing, wooden furniture is also very easy to be colored, because it has a tendency to absorb oil or water, so if they are not polished and cleaned frequently, they are very easy to be polluted by the environment, and it will gradually become luster.

   1. Avoid dust deposits from damaging your wooden furniture:

   There are many factors that can cause the wooden furniture to get dirty and destroyed. The most common reason is to ignore the maintenance of this type of furniture. Wooden furniture must be dedusted, cleaned, painted, polished and waxed on time to maintain gloss and avoid furniture damage. Unscientific storage of furniture, such as exposing the furniture to a humid, cold or dusty natural environment will cause the destruction and destruction of wooden furniture.

   2. Maintain solid wood furniture cleaning and detailed procedures:

   Dust removal: Dust removal is a necessary condition for maintaining the cleanliness of furniture. It is better to clean wooden furniture once a day or at least 2-3 times a week. A towel, duster or soft brush can be used to remove stains. A duster can be used for large-scale cleaning, and a soft brush or towel can be used for corners and gaps.

   Soap and water: sometimes used. Because soap and water are often used, water marks will be left on the wood. If there are more difficult to remove dirt, you can consider using soap and water. But remember to clean it up with a damp cloth immediately in the future to prevent water marks.

  Commercial service cleaning fluid: The actual effect of cleaning wooden furniture is good, and the furniture will show a neat gloss after cleaning. As everyone knows, the drawback of this cleaning solution is that they are likely to contain compounds. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to not touching the skin during the whole application process and to prevent children.

   Homemade cleaners: There are many self-made products that can be used to clean wooden surfaces. The actual effect can sometimes match the commercial service cleaning fluid.

   3. Non-toxic and pure natural products that can be used to clean wooden furniture:

   Although there are many products on the sales market that can be used to clean up wooden furniture, this product is likely to contain chemicals that are harmful to physical and mental health. In fact, many common items at home can also be used to clean wooden furniture.

   Vinegar: It is acid-alkaline in nature. It can remove vegetable oils and stains. It is especially suitable for removing oil-soluble dirt, but cannot remove vegetable oil deposits.

   Lemonade: Another acid-alkaline product, its effect is similar to vinegar, but in comparison, the taste is pleasant.

   Edible olive oil: can be used to clean furniture, oil can also make your wooden furniture more beautiful and bright.

   4. Ways to eliminate common dirt:

  Stain: Sprinkle dust on the surface of the stain, and then clean the surface with a compound of banana water and vinegar or edible olive oil or lemonade.

  Remove dark brown water marks: Use soft coarse wax (such as sanding sandpaper) to try to remove the lacquer layer on the surface, but please make sure that you do not damage the surface layer or cause uneven surface layer. 2-3 rubs should be sufficient. Then apply the cleaning liquid to clean up and coat it

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